is a generic script for use in the initial stage of a build procedure (automake etc...). It's purpouse is to bring as much magic to the process as possible, so the user do not need to know to much, and so the devs need not to code their own script.

You ask your selve, why build this script? I thought that to before, but after encounter a couple of project with broken configure script, I thougt, perhaps I coud make a better generic script. The mayor problem with the other script was promary it did not find the right version fo the program, perhaps it didn't check at all (using automake 1.4 instead of automake 1.9), or was unable to find all executable files present on the computer.

You might belive it's not important, but try my script, and if you not like it, you do not need to use it :)

latest release is 0.3.0


Normal usage.

Differences in verbose and nonverbose checking (the autoheader found in my home-bin-dir is just a dummy to be sure it takes correct version) Logo